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BetaScape 718 Rsps

BetaScape beginning its journey in 2021!

New Server!

Online Status: 24/7

What are you waiting for!
Come join the hype on this brand new rsps!
-Daily updates!
& Much more!

Minigames! working!

Alot of stuff to keep you active! 

New Rsps!
great staff!

All our staff are professionally manored to help any member on the server!

worldwide access!

Wherever you are in the world, You can come and enjoy the fun on here with everyone else!

Continuous updates!  

Our coders are working hard to keep the server running & updated! Any suggestions are appreciated! 

bug & errors
help & Support!

if anyone finds any bugs or errors please report them to a member of staff and also if anyone needs help!


“Great rsps! Can't wait to see what it's like in the future!”

- Jack Henson

“One of the best servers i've played in a longtime!”

- Steven Thompson

Customer Support
Please email
if you experience problems